Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So what happens when a Muslim Arab woman leaves her religion and becomes a Christian? Actually nothing

I am sick and tired of reading in the Western media long boring articles about the imaginary plight of apostate Muslims--those who leave their religion. The articles draw on archaic texts of Islamic jurisprudence to claim that no Muslim is safe after leaving her/his religion.  Well, here is a recent story.  A Muslim Shi`ite woman (Rima Faqih, who won Ms. USA a few years ago) changed her religion and became a Maronite Christian. What happened to her? Well, she had a "royal wedding" and none other than the Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon officiated at her wedding, and the Lebanese Foreign Minister was a guest at the wedding.  More than that, all the Lebanese right-wing sectarian Christian media of Lebanon are bragging about this conversion as if it is some validation of the Christian dogma.  Now imagine for a second if the table are turned: imagine if Rima was in fact converting from Christianity to Islam: I bet you that all those sectarian Lebanese media AND Western media would be publishing articles about how Islam is being imposed on non-suspecting Christians.