Friday, May 06, 2016

Saudi Prince talks about "Arab brain power and Jewish wealth": is that not anti-Semitic? Or are supporters of Israel entitled to anti-Semitism?

It is amazing how political the standards for anti-Semitism are.  Allies and supporters of Israel are always forgiven for their anti-Semitism.  The statement by Prince Turkey yesterday evokes the traditional classical anti-Semitic stereotype of Jews, and not one single Zionist today protested.  And the Prince reversed the dictum of Prince Hasan of Morocco who also when solidifying his alliance with the Israeli state (which trained his bodyguards) had spoken of "Arab money and Jewish brain".  Finally, is it not ironic that this Saudi prince did not talk about Arab money?

PS Here is the exactly quotation of the Prince about "Arab brain power and Jewish wealth".  I think by Arab brain power he was referring to Prince Rakan bin Salman who just finished his secondary school education--no small feat for House of Saud.