Friday, May 20, 2016

On the empty Palestinian museum

I am not surprised that the Washington Post and New York Times both relished mocked the opening of an empty Palestinian museum.  The directors should be ashamed for this insanity.  And since when do occupy people worry about opening a mecum--under occupation, mind you--before liberating the land?  A Palestinian friend (a businessman) wrote to me about this matter and I cite anonymously: "I saw that and it is a farce.  Look at the board for this museum and they are all the kids of the super wealthy Palestinians: not  by chance I say plus the company that built the museum is connected to the famous CCC construction Co.!  The next question what will such a museum accomplish given that 80% if not more of the Palestinians cannot get there not to mention the supposedly target audience: the rest of the world  thirdly why build a museum and bring all these exhibits under the occupiers mercy whereby they will either be confiscated, stolen or flat out destroyed by a rocket.  fourthly so what if the building wins an award for sustainability ( design not by a Palestinian..... some european... why we have no Palestinian Architects capable of designing a MUSEUM).....Now the spoiled rich kids can sit in their cafe in London and brag to each other of this monumental accomplishment of their contribution to the liberation of Palestine with the new secret weapon " Empty Museum".......
Yes I am cynical and I know these guys very well... This has nothing to do with the Palestinians nor the liberation thereof, but rather with self gratification and show off among the rich..The true story is that the Chairman of the board and the board had hired some european curator to come up with exhibits 3 years ago and paid him handsomely but the guy did nothing but collect the salary.... How is this board effective.....opening an empty museum is a joke..... in itself.....I have a lot ore to say but I will hold back some"."