Monday, May 02, 2016

Michael Moore's new movie, "Where to Invade Next"

From comrade Joseph Massad: "In his recent mediocre film “Where to invade next,” Michael Moore visits Tunisia and interviews Rached Ghannushi. Moore asks Ghannushi about his party stepping down from power voluntarily when they did not have to. Ghannushi responds by saying “power is not everything in life” and that “peace [silm] is preferable to power.” The last sentence however is translated in the film as “PRAYER comes before power.” Then Moore asks him if he requires “women to cover their heads here?." Ghannushi explains that this is a matter of “personal choice” and not public policy and that it is none of the State’s business. Ghannushi added that if his wife were to consult him on the matter, he would recommend she cover her head.” The last sentence  is translated in the film as “I personally tell my wife to cover her head."