Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jonathan Pollard and Sirhan Bisharah Sirhan

Pollard committed treason and sold (let us not forget he was motivated by money and jewelry) US secrets to Israel, which were later used by Israeli to bomb and kill Arabs.  Zionist and Jewish American organizations lobbied on his behalf.   He was pardoned.  Sirhan Bisharah Sirhran was convicted in a farcical trial (in which his court appointed lawyers attacked him and attacked his views on Arab-Israeli issues) and has been a model prisoner and yet refused release in every parol hearing, and only because he is a Palestinian.  He was born to a Maronite family but the Maronite church and all Arab-American organizations would not call for his release after serving one of the longest sentences.  He has become in effect a political prisoner.  I won't enter here into the debate about whether he is guilty or not because of lack of evidence (I mean lack of evidence to substantiate the conspiracy theories about the murder as in Shane O'Sullivan, Who Killed Bobby?  The Unsolved Murder of Robert F Kennedy.  Those who attempted to assassinate Reagan and Ford were released, remember.