Monday, May 02, 2016

Flash: read all about it. SkyNews obtained from the neutral Free Syrian Army "documents" which prove beyond the ISIS collaboration with Syrian regime

The propaganda campaign of Syrian rebels have intensified in recent days.  Whenever the situation on the battle field don't go for the Syrian rebels, the propaganda campaign (through the complaint Western media) only intensify.  Take this story of the captured documents "proving" the collaboration between ISIS and Syrian regime. The story is now carried all over Western media (just google it).  So look at the most damning of the document shown here.  In fact, the translation is selective--assuming that this is authentic.  But the full translation actually says: "to prepare and ship some of them for Qalamun for the needs of the brothers to them to bombard the fortresses of Rafidah and Nusayris (perforative words for Shi`ites and `Alawites)".  That is what it says.