Friday, May 27, 2016

Beirut Madinati

It figures that all journalists belonging to March 14 (like this Hillary hagiographer and Jumblat and Hariri cheerleader) would be cheering Beirut Madinati.  I wrote about the list at length in Arabic: it was basically an attempt by the Professional Managerial Class of Lebanon to get more power.   It raised generalized slogans that never threatened the corrupt political system.  And members of the list were caught sneaking into a meeting with Walid Jumblat (after claiming that they were opposed to all politicians in Lebanon).  Sa`d Hariri offered them praised later on after they lost.  They claimed to not raise political slogans as if "developments" is not political, and as if fighting corruption is not political.  Most if not all of the corruption of the municipal Beirut council is due to Hariri control lasting for over a decade and yet they avoided saying a word about the Hariri network.  They basically bragged about their professional degree and did not include one person who is not a graduate of a private Western university (from Beirut or form the West).  For the failings of the professional managerial class, read the new book by Thomas Frank, Listen, Liberal: or whatever happened to the Party of the People.

PS Also, what Ghattas said that they had specific solutions is quite untrue. On their website, they miraculously claim that all problems will be solved in...six years, meaning the duration of the term of the municipality.  Also, they link in one passing reference social justice to "economic development." So their ideas of social justice are derived from World Bank and IMF, it seems.  Whenever members appeared on TV, they always cited the authority of World Bank and IMF and WHO for their positions.  Typical Professional Managerial Class lingo.

PPS The Professional Managerial Class never reaches power without betraying the interests of the working class and the traditional middle class.