Friday, May 06, 2016

Anti-Palestinian bigotry is the widely accepted norm in the U.S.

"But nobody in the mainstream even notices the anti-Palestinian bigotry. Hillary Clinton’s speech to AIPAC in March is the absolute gold standard in demonstrating this. You can see the pathological bigotry in the pro-Israel movement entailed by the fact that the presumptive liberal nominee for President takes for granted she can label a human rights movement as antisemitic and not be called out on it," "It’s not just that Clinton’s AIPAC speech unfairly equated BDS supporters with antisemites. It’s that in making that equation she herself was revealing anti-Palestinian bigotry. And nobody in the mainstream thinks about it that way. It wouldn’t cross their minds– even as the conventional wisdom on that speech was that she was “pandering.” Which is another way of saying that anti-Palestinian racism is the widely accepted norm and people don’t even see it."