Monday, May 02, 2016

ِAnne Barnard claims that Nusrah Front has a minor presence in Aleppo

"Opposition groups and their international allies, as well as civil society organizations, say that while the Nusra Front has a small presence in Aleppo, it is a minor force compared to other insurgent groups."  So I asked a Western correspondent who has been covering Syria from Syria and from elsewhere in the region, and he/she wrote: "nusra is a major force. they sent a lot of reinforcements into east aleppo city before the cessation took hold and then as fighting escalated in past weeks they sent more reinforcements  of course there are many other groups that dont seem to object to nusra, like the ikhwanji turkish backed faylaq sham and a variety of other groups".

PS He/she later wrote: "yeah just confirmed from inside there, nusra is the dominant force. though fa'istakim is still a player, and they were sort of among the moderates even though they took money from 'ar'ur and others. i dont know how you can possibly classify all these groups".