Thursday, May 26, 2016

According to Diaa Hadid: the token Arab reporter for the Zionist New York Times, Palestinians fear other Palestinians only

It is not only that Diaa Hadid was obviously hired to basically report exclusively on damaging stories about the Palestinian people and stories which put the Israeli occupation in favorable light, and which basically justify the murder of Palestinian people, but she also is a lousy reporter. She tells you that the Palestinian people are afraid of tunnels (and not of Israeli jets and tanks and bombs and siege) and her evidence is this:
"Umm Nidal — Arabic for mother of Nidal, her eldest son — for fear of reprisal by Hamas...A neighbor who is 29 and goes by the name Abu Mohammad".   So what Ms. Hadid would like you to know is that the Palestinian people are very happy with the tight siege and that they are don't want any smuggled goods into the strip and that they basically have no fear of Israeli bombs and rockets over their heads.