Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The New York Times account of the violent kidnapping of two Lebanese children by an Australian group of thugs accompanied by the mother of the children--accompanied by Australian journalists

This is an outrage.  This Australian mother endangered her own children and violated laws of many countries in her reliance on a company of thugs to violently kidnap her own children from Lebanon.  Shame on the news group of 60 Minutes (of Australia) for participating in this crime.  I know, they will be released because they are white and because the Western media will present them as victims.  Look, any father who prevents his children from seeing their mother is cruel and inhumane and any mother who prevents her children from seeing their father is cruel and inhumane. But this mother deserves the utmost punishment: the thugs that she hired from Australia used violence and hit the grandmother AND THE MAID (the New York Times account does not mention the maid who was also hit by the hired goons) to kidnap her own children.  Now we know--regardless of the case--who is the worst parent of the two.   Can you imagine the international uproar if the Lebanese father were to hire Lebanese goons to come to Australian accompanied by Lebanese journalists to violent kidnap his own children?