Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Lebanese state and the Maronite church go after the victims of Lebanese bishop convicted of pedophilia

You have read before about the story. Lebanese Maronite bishop, Mansour Labaki, has been accused for years of molesting children.  Even the child of his own sister accused him.  But the Maronite church protected him and he was never ever had to worry about his pedophilic career.  But he later expanded his pedophilia: he used child music camps as a cover for his activities and decided to run camps in France.  Only when children in Franc came forward and accused him, he was condemned.  And the Vatican conducted an investigation which found him guilty.  The Lebanese Maronite church was reluctant to act, so they punished him by asking him to stay at a mountain resort in Brummana.  That was not it: the church also organized groups and movements to claim that he was innocent. The Lebanese state has now moved to go after all the children victims of Labaki and said that they all conspired--around the world mind you--to form a "gang of evil" against Labaki.  All of the children are now being called "false witnesses" and liars.