Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Australian violent kidnapping attempt (of children) in Lebanon II

I have been angry at the audacity of privileged Australians who went to Lebanon in order to kidnap little children from their fathers. The hired Australian goons also hit the grandmother and the maid (the hitting of the maid didn't make it into Western media accounts, naturally).  Look, it seems that the children are victims of their parents: both parents seem to have been cruel to their children.  A relative of the father tells me that he indeed is guilty of depriving the children of their mothers, and he admitted that he broke into the email account of his ex-wife.  That is the kind of father.  All that however does not excuse the cruel decision of the mother who, using her race privilege and nationality privilege, thought that she could just storm into Lebanon and kidnap her children.  Of course, they will be released from jail because they are not Africans or Asian.  We know the legal standards of a country like Lebanon.   I don't like the father but he has a point here:  ""If the tables were turned, if I were to show up in Australia trying to kidnap someone ... I would have probably been shot on the spot, called a terrorist," he said.  The 32-year-old father also said he wasn't willing to drop charges against Faulkner because he believes it would also lead to the release of the news team who filmed the operation, and those who carried it out."