Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sami Kulayb's book on Syria

I have been meaning to mention this: Sami Kulayb (the well-known TV presenter/journalist from Aljazeera and now with Al-Mayadin) published a new book on Syria in the new year titled (in Arabic):  "Asad: between departure and systematic destruction". The book should be read by anyone working on Syria or plan to write about the Syrian war, his or your politics aside.  Don't get me wrong: the writer is very close to the Syrian regime and he was married to a key media adviser to Bashshar, but the book contains previously unpublished documents and perspectives.  He is selective about what to rely on in French press and he has his point of view but some of the documents (like minutes of meetings between Arab League ministers and Bashshar) reveal much about early Gulf plots regarding Syria.  The book needed much editing as it reads like a compilation of articles and less like a book.