Saturday, April 23, 2016

Samar Yazbak

So the culture critic of Al-Hayat (mouthpiece of Khalid bin Sultan) reviewed the new book by Samar Yazbak and dared to say that it was not great.  That is not acceptable. You see: among March 14 of Lebanon and Syria, every writer, poet, novelist, columnist, journalist, sculptress, dancer, singer, or musician who supports the Saudi-Hariri camp, is supposed to be very talented.  So when this writer (who I don't like and who consistently support Saudi regime policies and who writes on matters he knows nothing about--like when he rebuked Arabs for not reading the autobiography of Solzhenitsyn--when the man never wrote an autobiography) dared to express less of an admiration of the novel of Samar Yazbak (whose every word is translated into foreign European languages because she has the right politics and not because of talent), there was a huge storm in all the Qatari regime and Saudi regime media and their supporters on social media.