Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On that dangerous Hizbullah spy operation in UAE: read all about it

""He married her as a ploy to obtain sensitive information from her workplace to hand over to the organisation," the witness said.
The 54-year-old woman, who is also one of the defendants, reportedly gave her husband unpublished information about the UAE's energy sector.
The witness also said that Hizballah paid nearly seven million Dirhams ($1.9 million) to one of the defendants, while others received gifts such as mobile phones and tablet computers."  Don't laugh at this. It is widely known that Hizbullah owns oil wells in the southern suburbs of Beirut and has keen interest in energy matters.  Furthermore, it is funny that one agent would receive $1.9 million while the others received gifts and Arabic sweets.  But then again, remember that UAE has a Minister of Happiness, so smile.