Sunday, April 10, 2016

Is this the beginning of the end for Gen. Sisi? The regime is experiencing his "We all are Khalid Said" moment

It is quite something.  The regime never expected this to happen.  As part of the trade-off, money in return for political and other support, the Sisi regime thought it was not going to stir any public anger.  Sisi regime thought that the agreement to transfer ownership to the two islands off Sinai won't be noticed by the public, but the reaction was swift.  There is such an outcry among Egyptians, even among those who were not vocal against the Sisi regime, in response to the agreement to cede sovereignty of the two islands (in fact, the Israeli occupation forces still control the two islands but that is another matter).  There is such anger and ridicule of Sisi on social media.  Egyptian youth, whose patriotism and nationalism have been stirred in the last fear years, has been unrelenting in the last day.  I expect some official announcement on the matter.  Four Egyptians who protested against the agreement were already arrested.