Saturday, April 02, 2016

A Notorious Lebanese Christian war criminal dies: Long before ISIS and Al-Qa`idah there were the Lebanese right-wing sectarian Christian militias

This French daily, L'Orient-Le Jour wrote a fawning tribute to the self-admitted Lebanese war criminal.  Long before ISIS, there were the pioneers of the Middle East: inspired by Zionist terrorism, Lebanese Phalanges and their allied pro-Israeli militias of Lebanon perfected the art of torture and mutilation that we now see with ISIS.  Some Western reporters took note of this right-wing Christian sectarian war criminality of Lebanon (like Jonathan Randal of the Washington Post at the time) but this is now forgotten.  There is a book (Saade, Joseph, and Brunquell, F, et Couderc, F., Victime et bourreau, Paris: Calmat-Levy) in which Joseph Saadah recounts how he tortured and killed people with his own hands. This is the man who was an active participant in the "Black Saturday" when some 400 Lebanese Muslims and Palestinians were butchered en masse in East Beirut: Bashir Gemayel and Amin Gemayel fought to obtain the loyalty and services of this notorious man.  At the end of this grotesque tribute to this man, the paper mentions in passing his crimes: "Son côté sombre l'emporta momentanément.".