Thursday, March 17, 2016

Who advises Ted Cruz on foreign policy? None other than Michael Ledeen

Has there been a man who is most discredited in foreign policy than this guy?  He basically argued that there is evidence that the PLO was a communist tool; that Bulgarian communists were behind the assassination of Pope John II; that Zarawi worked for Iranian regime; that NATO European allies were behind the movement of radical Islam; that yellow cake (not sponge cake) was proven in the case of Iraq; that Billy Carter was a PLO spy; and he vouched for the credibility of Ghorbanifar in the Iran-Contra scandal.  This man was even mocked by his colleague at the National Review for his kooky conspiracy theories. Will mainstream media pick on this trail of Mr. Ledeen?  I recommend that you go back to 1984 when the Reagan government appointed him in charge of captured documents from the deposed Grenada invasion.  He basically said in a press conference that Grenadan communists were running a world-wide conspiracy against the US.