Saturday, March 19, 2016

The sexiest man who wrote this comment is a professor of political science at Kuwait University

"عبدالله الشايجي
كابتن طائرة ‫#‏فلاي_دبي‬ المنكوبة التي تحطمت فجراليوم في جنوب ‫#‏روسيا‬ وقتُل فيها 62 شخصا-امرأة!
واستبعاد عمل إرهابي.
هل تثق بكابتن طائرة امرأة؟

It says: "The Captain of the disastrous FlyDubai plane which crashed this morning in southern Russia and where 62 people were killed was a woman.  Terrorism is ruled out.  Do you trust a woman to command a plane?"