Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Maronite church in Lebanon protects pedophiles: Lebanon bans Spotlight under pressure from the church

This is clear: none of the Western media, and none of the correspondents of Western media in Beirut, ever bother to cover a story of repression and censorship by Christian religious authorities.  The story is only sexy if the censorship is at the hands of the Muslim religious authorities. The Maronite church is one of the oldest censorship and repression authorities in the entire Middle East region.  It also famous for protecting pedophiles.  One of the most famous priests of the church, who was in charge of children choir and composing hymns, is Mansour Labaki.  He also ran camps for children and was accused and convicted (by a Vatican's commission of inquiry) of molesting his own niece.  But complaints about Labaki have been ignored for many decades (he also was aligned with right-wing Israeli-sponsored militias during the war).  But when Labaki started to take children to France, his molestation reached French children and only then the Vatican was compelled to act. There was a long investigation which proved the charges against him. What did the Maronite church for punishment: well, the Lebanese state did not take any action and the Maronite church was left to exact the punishment. What was the punishment? He was  told to spend time in a mountain resort to "meditate".  The Maronite church just banned the movie Spotlight.  It also run campaigns of persecution against Jehovah's Witnesses and against what it calls "satan worshippers".