Thursday, March 03, 2016

Sanders and his Islamophobe supporter: the liberal Gabbard

From A: "I think Gabbard will seek the Vice Presidency under a Sanders ticket.

An ideal complement to Sanders, image-wise: strong appearance, veteran, woman.
Appearances are paramount in US political races.
Gabbard is a radical Hindu with ties to Modi and his right-wing, sectarian BJP party (there's an image of her draped in BJP insignia shaking a party official's hand, and another one shaking Modi's hand).
You posted the Alternet piece, which covers some of that.

There's also her "lengthy, candid discussion with President el-Sisi about how important Egypt’s stability and success is for the region and for the world":

I think we shouldn't underestimate the ability of people like Maher and Gabbard to allow space for open anti-Islam sentiment among liberals... to allow liberals to be Islamophobes, essentially.