Saturday, February 06, 2016

Zionists strongly urge the full airing of Al-Qa`idah propaganda

Zionists and some supporters of March 14 among the Syrian rebels are up in arms: you see, Nusrah Front (the official branch of Al-Qa`idah in Syria) summoned a Lebanese reporter with a reputation of support and sympathy for Nusrah (who praised their "hospitality" and said that the imposition of Jizyah on Christians is within Islam (she is not Muslim herself), and gave her videos of Lebanese prisoners held by Nusrah Front.  The woman sold the video to MTV Lebanon (although there was a bidding from Aljazeera), but MTV management felt that it would not be proper to not consult with Hizbullah about the video of their prisoners.  Hizbullah MPs asked the MTV to not air the video as it is a mere propaganda for Al-Qa`idah, while MTV decided to air a segment only of the video.  Zionists in the US and Lebanon are up in arms: they believe that all propaganda videos by Bin Laden successors should be aired in full.  But correct me if I am wrong: the US government has asked US TV stations to not air propaganda videos by Bin Laden after Sep. 11. So where is the story here? I don't get it.