Sunday, February 07, 2016

The propaganda reporting of Liz Sly--one of the least credible foreign reporter working in the Middle East today

"Most of the pro-government forces now fighting in northern Aleppo province are Shiite militias from either Iraq or Afghanistan that have been recruited by Iran to help out its ally in Damascus, according to rebels and military analysts."  I know that you have been saying all along since the Syrian war started that 1) the regime is about to fall any second; 2) that the regime does not have one Sunni supporter; 3) and that Syrian rebels are a bunch of feminists, secularists, democrats, and progressives but let me ask you: how would your rebel friends know that the forces are Shi`ites?  Did they interview them one by one, or do your sectarian Islamist rebel friends can tell a Shi`ite from their appearance?  As for your military analysts in Western capitals: how would they also manage to tell from afar whether the forces are Shi`ites?  Is that by a hunch?  I really am willing to write a letter of recommendation for Liz Sly if she were to apply for the job of foreign correspondent for the National Inquirer.