Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Israeli lies about Damour Battle

In this entry on the Damour Battle during the Lebanese civil war, there are so much lies produced from a lousy book by right-wing Israeli writer, Mordecai Nissan, which is a hagiography (The Conscience of Lebanon: A Political Biography of Etienne Sakr (Abu-Arz)) of Lebanese war criminal, Abu Arz, who raised the slogan: "kill a Palestinian and enter heaven".  The information are from the imagination and propaganda of Abu Arz and his Israeli handlers.  The official figure given by the Phalanges-Ahrar militias back then in 1976 was around 80 victims, most of whom were fighters from the various right-wing Israeli armed/equipped militias/death squads.  There were more than 200 fighters for the right-wing militias in Damur and they were aided by the Lebanese Army, which used its air force to bomb positions of Lebanese leftists and PLO forces.  Most of the dead were fighters.  Israel and its Lebanese death squads turned the battle of Damur into a myth to promote the standard Christian-under-assault lie.  Look, check out the book by Tabitha Petran, The Struggle for Lebanon: in the first part of the Lebanese civil war, there were 500,000 (Lebanese and Palestinian) Muslims and Christians forcibly evicted from their homes in Nab`ah, Karantina, Maslakh, Harat Al-Ghwarneh, Sibnay, Hayy Baydun, Burj Hammud, and the refugee camps of Tal Az-Za`tar, Jisr Al-Basha, and Dbayy.  All those were forcibly evicted by Phalanges and others.  As for Christians who were evicted: the number she cites is around 100,000 by half of those were Greek Orthodox from the Kurah region.  (Of course, the figures exclude the War of the Mountain, when Jumblat's thuggish sectarian militia evicted innocent Christians from the mountains, but the Lebanese Forces started that ugly war).