Saturday, February 13, 2016

Israel and China

"At the conference, several dozen Israeli hi-tech companies displayed their wares in punchy six-minute presentations. Prominent among them were some of the water companies, such as WaterGen, which uses Israeli technology first developed for the IDF to generate pure water out of the air, and Aquanos, which purifies waste water by technology far cheaper and better than the costly century-old, energy-hungry activated sludge method.
But China is also a rival of the US, with friction between the two powers growing, especially in the South China Sea. The US has long banned Israel from selling any type of defense technology to China and, in some cases, insists that Israeli defense industry officials not set foot in China, even as tourists − though lately, one large Israeli defense contractor has managed to do some strong civilian business in China.
The Pentagon defines China as America’s main strategic threat. Hence, Israel’s cuddling with China, without losing US support and aid, is very tricky. Every small embattled country needs all the friends it can muster – especially Israel." (thanks Sal)