Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hunter College did NOT cancel the event with the Israeli advocate of rape, Mordechai Kedar: it merely rescheduled it

"A Message from Hunter Hillel:
We underestimated the response and level of provocation that would result from our invitation to Mordechai Kedar to return to our campus for another program. We have seen in the past days unexpected reactions, knee jerk responses to unfounded statements, and a lack of intellectual due diligence from both the Hunter community and external parties. In light of the unanticipated response, we realized that the venue is simply unable to accommodate the planned event. Although we embrace our freedom of speech and the confrontation that may result in the exercise of those rights, we feel that in this environment and under these circumstances, it is untenable. We have shared our concerns with Dr. Kedar and the program will be rescheduled to later in the semester when we can reserve an appropriate venue and prepare accordingly so that everyone who wishes to attend can do so. We are also considering the idea of using this platform as part of a larger series to discuss these issues in a more strategic and public way. We welcome input from individuals and groups with respect to ways and means to accomplish that goal."