Monday, February 08, 2016

How to improve American football: a plan of revisions

Having watched the first Super Bowl (I first spelled it Super Ball) ever (I think it was my second but my wife, Michele--a fanatic fan of Kansas City team--does not agree because she said that I watched one with an IPad in hand, which does not count for her), I have a few suggestions to improve the game for players and for spectators:
1) Eliminate the weirdly shaped ball and get a normal football.
2) According to the new rules, players can compete for the ball but without any physical contact of any kind. That would be better for the health of the players in retirement.
3) Eliminate the association between the game and patriotism.
4) Eliminate the association between the game and religion: Yesterday, Manning suggested that his team's victory was purely due to God's intervention on his side. And what makes you think that God understands the rules of the game to follow it that closely?
5) End once and for all the interruptions in the game. It is so slow and they stop the clock every minute. That makes it very boring. Give them two hours to play, but without any interruption whatsoever. If people violate the rules, they can be punished later.
6) We don't need to see the wealthy and famous as they watch the game.
7) End the gender segregation in the game.
8) Please eliminate cheerleaders. It is so unnecessary and stupid and seems to belong to an era decades before the women's movement.
9) to end the worship of the sports figure and the crazy intense competition for teams and between them, pay players the minimum wage, and not one cent more.