Saturday, February 13, 2016

From Hillary's new batch of emails

"From: OutlawMY© []
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 09:40 AM
To: NEA-Staff-Assistants-DL; Riggs, Susan J; Burnett, Andrew B; R_Special Assistants; McHale, Judith A; DiMartino, Kitty; Cormack, Maureen E; PA FO Group; M_Staff; S_SpecialAssistants; SES_DutyDeputies; D(N); D(S); P
Cc: Operations Center; DS Command Center
Subject: Embassy group heckled in Lebanon, but not injured

Embassy Beirut states a CLO group visited the city of SAIDA/SIDON on an embassy sponsored trip and was accosted when coming out of a restaurant to get in the return motorcade. A small group started shouting and throwing items at them. The Americans then got in the vehicles, but the crowd appeared to escalate. No one was hurt. It appears to have been a set-up, as it was caught on film and broadcast by several local media outlets, apparently in an attempt to further anti-American sentiment. Police arrested three or four of those who instigated the incident; they might be members of a small leftist party linked to a Sunni politician. There was a similar incident in the same location about four years ago."