Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders on Palestine from 1988: the headline is misleading, by the way

Notice that even back then, when he had far less political restraints, he stuck to the line of the Israeli lobby with very little deviations, unless you count his call for King Husayn to act as a courageous move.  And notice how soft his words are regarding Israeli killings, and notice that he talks about security for Israel constantly, while the Palestinian lives deserve little attention. And notice that he gets defensive about Israel quickly and equates rhetoric about Israel in Arab regimes media with the murder of Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers.  And notice that his formula for a solution is exactly the formula of the Israeli lobby.  Would Sanders be better than Hillary on foreign policy? Well, knowing how the Democratic Party machine works, if he were to become the nominee (a big if, as Americans say), he would be supplied with the same Israeli lobby-tied "experts" to ensure that he would stay the course.  And remember that his favorite Arab is the King of Jordan. Some would say that he would be better on domestic politics than Hillary, and that is certain.  There are prescribed limits for change in the American political system, and the two parties with their archaic system of electoral choice ensured that no one can come and surprise their historic dominance.