Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Western media on Syria

Western media constructed an ideological framework on Syria from the very beginning and all writers, correspondents, and pundits stuck to it without any deviation (was Patrick Cockburn perhaps the only correspondent who deviated from the script, and at times Robert Fisk but I don't take Fisk seriously, regardless whether his story is serving the regime or the rebels).  What is being ignored about Syria in the last few months: 1) Russia has been bombing ISIS in the last several months far more effectively it seems than US has--I say this despite my opposition to Russian and US intervention in Syria.  2) The Syrian regime has been engaged in ferocious battles with ISIS, but the story clashes with the narrative of the Syrian exile (Saudi and Qatari supported) opposition to the effect that Syrian regime and ISIS never engaged in clashes, so the story does not make it into the Western media.