Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Queen of Jordan is desperate: she so clamors for attention--any attention from anywhere

So the Queen Youtube of Jordan has proposed a cartoon in response to Charlie Hebdo's mockery of Syrian refugees.  But her idea of the cartoon is so lame that it is even jarring and makes you cringe.  What cliche is that?  This woman and her husband, and despite a large number of advisers imported from US to guide them in PR and image improvement, have not one single original idea. They basically copy what is being written in mainstream media in the US about the Middle East and then regurgitate the materials to Western viewers in order to impress the West--and the silly West is impressed.  She has also been trying to get attention from Arabs (her dumb husband does not even go there: he never tries to get attention of Arabs because he knows it is a losing battle for him--he can impress Jon Stewart and German Chancellors but never a young Arab) to no avail.  I just wish she and her husband would just go away and keep quiet.  They have nothing to offer except following the command of the US ambassador in Jordan.