Monday, January 25, 2016

Syria solidarity committees

Regarding a post (written by comrade Asa) about Syrian solidarity committees from a few days ago, I received this response:
"We saw your post about the irony of two groups both called "syria solidarity movement' but on opposite sides of the issue.

We hope you will help to clarify a couple things for your readers: is the original SSM and we are seeking legal action to stop the other group's use of the name. 

Our group has active members in Canada, USA, Palestine, UK, and France.  When we expose lies, distortions and slander, and when we try to be a voice that is otherwise suppressed, we are often accused of being pro-Assad. We do not consider ourselves "pro-Assad", which you can see from our mission statement.   We consider ourselves pro-Syrian, anti-interventionist and anti-imperialist, which we believe is similar to your viewpoint. 
The other group is not just 'anti-Assad'.  They are sectarian and pro-imperialist.

We hope the confusion with two opposite groups with same name will be resolved soon.

Thanks for bringing this to readers attention
SSM - International "