Saturday, January 16, 2016

Regarding the Mossad-planted story about Musa As-Sadr intended to create a rift between Lebanese Shi`ites and Iran

From Farhad: "I saw your comments on Imam Musa sadr.
you are completely correct. This must be Zionist_Saudi plan for making a wedge between Iran and Shias of lebanon.

The Three families of Sadr, Khomeini and Khatami ( The Reformist President) were related by marriage.  imama Khomeini younger son Hajj Ahmad khomeini married Imam Musa Sadr niece ( His Sister daughter) Fatima Sultani Tabatabai ( known mainly as Fatima Tababatabi), Khatami married the other sister of Fatima.   Fatima was both bright and beautiful and very close to Imam khomeini , even I can say close to him than his daughters. by the instigation of her Khomeini started to compose some poems at the age of 80 which were publicized and were very popular after demise of Imam khomeini in 1989.   It is known that he used to compose poem (mystical) when he was young but most of those poems were lost in SAVAK raids to their house and as a result of exile.Curious about those poems which were composed at his youth, she insisted and encouraged  him to compose poetry again.  She ( fatima tababatabai) has now a doctorate in Islamic philosophy and mysticism.

Khatami was very close to khomeini son because they had married two sisters nieces of Imma Musa Sadr. For example Khatami wrote the announcement of the Khomeini's demise.  both Ahmad Khomeini and Khatami had gone to the "AMAL" ( Musa Sadfr & Chamran) camps in south Lebanon before the revolution (1979). There are many pictures of them at those camps.

One other interesting relative is the nephew of Musa Sadr, brother of Fatima Tabatabai, Sadigh Tabtabai. first their father  Husband (Musa Sadr Sister)Ayatollah Sultani Tababatbai ( Maybe Grand ayatollah) was someone Khomeini very deeply respect.

But this Sadegh ( Musa Sadr Nephew) was very handsome and  the most Chic and well dressed of all people in the beginning of revolution. He was always with suit and tie.
occassionally with papillion nad neck scarf. many times security guards would not let him go to visit khomeini, they were asking who is this guy with this western stylke going visiting Imam Khomeini?
He had PhD in chemistry from Germany. He was the speaker of Bazargan government. He passed away less than a year ago due to cancer. He has a three volume memoir in Farsi full of Musa Sadr stories and pictures. 

Please see :
So I do not any one  can find someone more than Musa Sadr that whose close associates ( relatives, friends,...) were involved in the Islamic Revolution in Iran than Musa Sadr ( Chamran, Nephew, Niece,...). actually I think one other Nephew was deputy of Foreign minister in Khatami time."