Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Iyad Allawi and his tall tales of fabricated assassination attempts

The last refuge of a fabricator/car bomber/former Saddam henchman/embezzler-in-Yemen is the invention of an assassination plot on his life by an external conspiracy which employed no less than 30 men to kill him for his opposition to sectarianism in Iraq--and presumably for his subservience to the Saudi regime.  Of course, the reason why Allawi comes up with those fabricated plots is that Western media allowed him to come up with a fantastic totally unverified claim that Saddam sent after him in UK a man with an axe (what a delicate and clean method to assassinate someone abroad) when Allawi used to be a henchman for Saddam's intelligence who used to report on Iraqi students in Europe.  No one ever really questioned Allawi about this claim and no one ever wondered when no one ever saw the man or his axe in broad daylight.  Saddam's intelligence service used to kill with a gun (equipped with a silencer) or with a car bomb in non-European settings but an axe was not a method of choice.  This man refuses to go away because Saudi and Western intelligence services just don't want him to go away.