Monday, December 21, 2015

More on Samir Quntar's coverage in US media

1) Basically, US media believe that Hizbullah has no right to militarily intervene in Syria but that Israel has all the right to intervene militarily in Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, and anywhere else it chooses.  2) It isn't that all US media cover the Israeli perspectives on all affairs Middle Eastern, but that they don't even bother the other point of view. I am yet to hear one newspaper mention that Quntar's consistently denied the Israeli terrorist propaganda version of what happened in occupied Nahariya back in 1979, when Quntar was not even 17.  3) Western media, especially Anne Barnard, don't mention that Syrian "activists" that they love to mention have been attacking Quntar for being....Druze.  Sectarianism is the key ingredient in the social media activism of those opposition types (not all of them, but the ones favored by US correspondents in the Middle East and by Saudi regime).