Sunday, December 20, 2015

Anne Barnard and the token Arab at the New York Times on Samir Qantar

Now Anne Barnard and the token Arab at the Times has a story on Samir Quntar.  Of course, the story of Samir Quntar's operation in occupied Palestine (when he was 17 years old) is told only from the perspective of the Israeli terrorists.  There is a whole massive book on Quntar's story (which the Zionist free speechers will ban in this country) which is titled Qissati written by Hassan Az-Zayn (who is a critic of Hizbullah, incidentally) but Anne Barnard and her Arab pro-March 14 stringers would never even bother to read.  2) notice that she only cited an Israeli expert and her choice of one commentator on Facebook who supports Israel.  All the tributes to Quntar on Facebook (in language that Anne Barnard does not understand or in a language that she understands) are ignored so that ONE Syrian commentator on FB carries the day on behalf of all Arab opinion. 3) she does not mention that scores of civilians were killed in the bombing that flattened a building. 4) she does not mention that Quntar who is Druze born joined in the 1970s a Marxist-Leninist organization. 5) she lies when she says that Quntar's work in Syria has been in support of the Syrian army when he has been exclusively devoted to building up a resistance movement in the Golan heights.

PS Of course, Anne Barnard would not bother say that Palestinian political organizations eulogized Quntar, and that even Hamas issued a statement in this regard.