Monday, November 02, 2015

Rami Abdul-Rahman of the Syrian Observatory and the Alawite women in cages

All Western media rely exclusively about casualties and claims about the death toll in Syria on the Western-supported/Gulf-supported Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. On rare occasions, he publishes something that is damaging to the Syrian armed rebels and then hell break loose.  This week, he broke the story of how Syrian rebels loyal to Zahran `Allush (a moderate secular feminist Islamist, by the standards of Liz Sly of the Washington Post) put `Alawite women in cages and used them as human shields (not a whimper from Human Rights Watch of course), and now he is being attacked by all sides in the Syrian opposition (armed and civilian) for exposing this and, of course, as typical in the tactic of this kind of opposition he is being called Alawite and attacked for being Alawite.  Of course, no need to say this: none of this will make it to US mainstream media.