Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are you surprised that Western journalists based in Beirut have not covered the story of the Saudi prince with 2 tons of drugs?

Imagine if this was a son of an Iranian or Syrian official: in that case, all Western correspondents based in Beirut would have filed long stories about the matter with interviews of foes of Iran and Syria in Lebanon.  I received this from a TV producer of a major American network:
"Hi As’ad, 
A Lebanese journalist just told me how minimum is the coverage of the western media based in Beirut of  the story of the Saudi prince arrested in Beirut , only Foreign policy and AFP did the story from all the western media based in Beirut ,
The journalist told me imagine if there is Hezbollah operative arrested with two tons  in the airport , it will be all over with all kind of stories , mujhaed add more info
تفاصيل جديدة يكشفها مجتهد في قضية الامير السعودي الذي ضُبط يهرب طنين من الكبتاغون من مطار #بيروت