Tuesday, August 04, 2015

This is what the candidate for Syria's provisional (opposition) government wrote on Facebook: a holocaust

Embedded image permalink She wrote: "The more arrogant Syria's minorities become I become more certain that there should be a holocaust to exterminate them from existence and I request [God's] mercy upon Hitler who burned the Jews of his time and Sultan `Abdul-Hamid who exterminated the Armenians, and the hero of the Arabs, Saddam Husayn, the man in an age where there were no men, and where we find no men after him...Minorities are evil that we need to rid and to cleans Biald Ash-Sham from them and we call on God to enable our revolutionaries to finish off all those filth from Kurds to Alawites.  [I am] Sunni and proud of my Arabism."

PS Imagine the wide coverage by ALL Western correspondents in the Middle East if this was written by a regime official.  They all would have devoted long articles to it.  Let me predict: not one Western correspondent in Beirut will write on this matter. Not one.