Friday, August 07, 2015

Kenneth Roth takes on Yemen: Human Rights Watch as an arm of Saudi propaganda

Human Rights Watch issued a special bulletin and launched a campaign about `Abdul-Qadir Junayd.  It identified him as "human rights activist".  It is now a code name: all those who work on behalf of Israeli occupation or Saudi regime or US occupation become in the parlance of Western human rights organizations "human rights activists".  This was applied to the Ikhwan supporter and Qatari regime cheerleader (and later Saudi regime cheerleader), Tawakul Karman.  A human rights activist by the reckoning of Western human rights organizations is any local native who parrots the rhetoric of US Department of State.  Western human rights organization almost adopted the massively corrupt tool of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri, as the epitome of human rights.  Now who is this `Abdul-Qadir Junayd? He is a mere propagandist for the Saudi regime and for its war on Yemen and considers propagandists of Saudi princes as his mentors.  In fact, some of the tweets of Junayd can be considered work of someone giving coordinates to the enemy during war.  Here, he cheers Saudi war on Yemen and hail their bombing of his country.  When the US is at war with Al-Qa`idah and Iraq under Saddam, are American citizens allowed to propagandize for Saddam or for Al-Qa`idah or would they not be arrested if they were to undertake such missions?  Do you see why Human Rights Watch is now seen by Arabs as a joke to be laughed at?