Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nasrallah's speech yesterday

Nasrallah's speech yesterday was a watershed in the Shi`ite attitudes toward the Saudi regime and the ruling Wahhabiyyah doctrine. Historically, there were Sunni and Shi`ite attacks on the kooky Wahhabiyyah doctrine, but Sunni cleris after Nasser were largely bought off by the House of Saud, while Shi`ite clerics practiced a true about the Saudi regime and Wahhabi doctrine. Furthermore, Saddam's regime ended the publication of anti-Wahhabi tracts in Yemen. Nasrallah yesterday went all out against the Wahhabi doctrine and--before Liz Sly and Anne Barnard typically distort the words of Nasrallah--he again made it clear that they pose the biggest threat to Sunnis.  He never presents their danger as a sectarian danger against Shi`ites. He spoke about Wahhabiyyah as the mother milk of contemporary terrorist Islamist groups which is undeniably true.  Iran still avoids such rhetoric.