Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mini Hariri "lectures" at the Wilson Center, which received funding from...him

From Marc: "Question: You stressed the importance of getting rid of Bashar al-Assad and training moderate opposition, what can the United States do in this context?
Hariri:  To move forward, there is a three steps plan: unite the opposition, declare a no-fly zone and train the Free Syrian Army. If you declare a united Syrian moderate opposition that doesn’t have any success or achievements on the ground then you will have a re-divided opposition. The key issue about the whole plan is to do things in parallel. You need people to look up to the moderates and the only way to do so is by doing an action plan, a fly zone, and training the Free Syrian army. First, you get rid of extremism, second you get rid of Bashar and third you give hope to the Syrian people that there is a real action being done to save the Syrian people from Bashar." Is it not high time that the Collected Works of Sa`d Hariri are published?