Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Zionists translate "death to Israel" into "Death to the Jews"

From Nauman: The truck reads "Death to Israel." @etabori, who has an image of a dove with an olive branch on her Twitter page, mistranslates it as "Death to the Jews."

25 people retweet it including @StephenJStern. He describes himself as "Stephen Stern, PhD, Professor/Speaker, Religious Politics/Middle East news junkie/commentator & author of The Unbinding of Isaac." I wonder what's his doctorate in. Hasbara?

Attached: a screen shot of the retweet, in case he deletes it."
"Found more information on "Stephen Stern, PhD" the professor who retweeted the mistranslation of "Death to Israel" to "Death to the Jews."

According to an op-ed he wrote for The Patriot News on September 6, 2013, "Stephen Stern is chairman of the Religious Studies Department and Director of Judaic Studies at Gettysburg College. He teaches courses in the Middle East and Islamic studies program on religion and politics in the middle east. @StephenJStern"

This op-ed, link below, demands that US must strike Syria because "not fighting the evil of the Assad regime, avoiding it or hiding from it makes one complicit in violence.""