Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hariri claims about Rustum Ghazali

From T.: "A political Party is pretty pathetic and has sunk to a new level of low, when their "leader" is the source of gossip, I mean conspiracy theories.

"A Lebanese source who spoke to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity said a Lebanese middleman had contacted Saad Hariri and asked for a telephone number for Future TV for Ghazaleh to make “an important statement.”

Dr. Could you please enlighten me why Ghazaleh would need a middleman to get the phone number of Future TV? I actually did a google search I typed "Future TV Lebanon Phone number" and I got this website The phone number for his TV station is there. Is google blocked in Syria or does Saad Hariri think we are dumb?

it gets better, "When Ghazaleh failed to call, Hariri provided other numbers, the source said,"

I would recommend the future TV website be updated with all of the phone numbers, in case any other Syrian Regime officials have any statements to make. "