Sunday, March 22, 2015

Recognizing and promoting religious bigots against Islam and Muslims

It is just amazing how much Zionist US media love to promote anyone who harbors hatred for Islam and Muslims, qua Muslims.  If this woman says about Jews what she says about Muslims, she would be shunned and people would picket all her speaking engagements.  But she speaks against Islam (as a religion) and against Muslims, and that does not in any way cause people to condemn her bigotry.  She is not a specialist or an expert or an academic or a journalist or a scholar or a professor and yet, she is--only because of her bigotry--treated as an expert on Islam. Just as, in reverse, people who are fanatic in their defense of Israel are treated as experts on the Arab-Israeli conflict. On the Middle East in the US media, love (for Israel) or hate (of Islam and Muslims) are considered qualifications.  The New York Times is a right-wing mainstream Zionist publication, but its Book section is even worse than the paper. Is its editor not writing a hagiography of William F. Buckley?