Sunday, March 29, 2015

How Liz Sly distorted the words and speech of Hasan Nasrallah

You see all those Western journalists don't speak Arabic and can't follow a speech in Arabic. They have a clear political agenda on Syria and Lebanon (in alliance with the allies and clients of Saudi Arabia) and their staff (translators, chefs, cooks, servants, fixers, free lancers are all part of March 14 of Syria and Lebanon because that is where the jobs are) have a political agenda and they rely on the Hariri media to cover what is happening in Lebanon and Syria. Look at this blatant distortion of Nasrallah speech on Yemen: "In a lengthy speech Friday night, the Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah poured scorn on Saudi Arabia’s attempt to influence the outcome of the Yemeni conflict, saying that it is doomed to fail “because these are the laws of God.”"  This was part of a humorous section of the speech when he mocked the Saudi regime and said that they follow the religion of Bush.  This is a total fabrication.  This sentence was taken out of context. In fact, he said that they will fail because conquerors and occupiers will fail.  They don't care if they lie and fabricate because no readers will dare to write and tell them that they lied in their coverage of Nasrallah speech. If the distortion affected an Israeli or Zionist leaders, there would be demonstration in front of the buildings of those papers.  Journalism, my potato.