Thursday, January 15, 2015

Turkey as a suspect in the Paris shooting?

From Ali, the brave Angry Arab's correspondent in Turkey:

 "Why Turkey is also a suspect of both Charlie Hebdo & Paris Kosher Market attack is Turkey, here you are three significant links exposed by Turkish media, while western media is busy with non-sense radicalism stories.
I) Ahmad Coulibaly, the gunman in the market attack, allegedly bought weapons from a Turk living in Belgium.
II) Hayat Boumeddine, wife of Ahmad Coulibaly, moreover alleged mastermind behind the market attack. She was in a hotel in Istanbul before the attack and crossed into Syria a day before Coulibaly stormed into market. Moreover, her hotel was raided by Turkish police on 5th of January. But interestingly, she managed to dissapear.
III) The third guy, who is thought to have links with both Hayat and Ahmad, was arrested by Bulgarian police while he was trying to go Turkey to meet with Hayat.

 He is also accused of having links with Charlie Hebdo attack as being partner of Kouachi brothers who allegedly stormed into Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people.

Note that, Turkey and France are two leading supporters of salafi-taqfiri militants in Syria, both have been supporting air raids against Syrian government. "