Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fisk on Algeria

From Redouane: "I don't get this. So there was a subconscious motivation by the attackers to exact revenge for what the French  committed in Algeria over 60 years ago ? It sounds more like a Star Trek episode than a serious analysis. Fact is: the two murderers were French - born and raised. They were indoctrinated in a French prison, traveled to Syria on French passports, and raised money for their acts in France. Yes, their parents are Algerian, but according to news reports, they never set foot in Algeria.

Fisk was a great journalist but he's known to have lost it for some time now. And although his narrative of the Algerian war of independence is generally accurate, his invoking of that history to explain this event is delusional. It's like plunging in the history of Kenya to understand the motivations behind Obamacare."