Saturday, January 10, 2015

Adam Shatz in the LRB: also on Charlie Hebdo

Shatz, with whom I had a rift over the "Cedar Revolution", makes very good points in the article BUT: I notice his reference to his "Muslim friend". He seems to imply that his friend is good and fine because she is not really a Muslim.  "Assia is typically Parisian, in her dress, accent and lifestyle."  What does that mean? That if she were a practicing Muslim she would not be Parisian in her dress, accent, and lifestyle. And then he raises this objection: "When I hear that there are five million Muslims in France,’ Assia says, ‘I don’t know what they’re talking about. I know plenty of people in France who are like me, people of North African origin who don’t pray or believe in God, who aren’t Muslims in any real way."  But does that seem like an extra effort to dissociate oneself form the religion that one is born with? I mean, when one counts Jews or Mormons in any society, they are making generalizations as well because they are not all practicing members of the faith.  I hope that Shatz is not maintaining that there are good Muslims who are not Muslims at all.  (thanks Mouin)